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urbinoThe duchy of Urbino, under the power of the Vatican, was directed by Federico di Montefeltro in the XVth century. It knew a strong expansion during this time with the construction of a splendid palate of the Renaissance very richly decorated thanks to the work of many of the greatest artists of this time.

Its medieval lanes are pleasant, they lead to the fortress on the top which offers a very beautiful sight on the city.

Sights in Urbino :

  • The Ducal palate
  • Cathedral and Federico square
  • Museo diocesano museum
  • Native house of Raphaël
  • Churches
  • Albornoz fortress on the top of the hill, panorama

Near Urbino : Urbania


Photos of Urbino

urbinourbino - panoramaurbinourbinourbino - italieurbinourbino - photo Panorama on Urbino from the Rocca

urbino - marcheurbino - ducal palateurbinourbinourbino - palazzo ducale Ducal palate (Palazzo ducale)

urbino - cathédraleurbino - duomo Duomo (cathedral)

urbinourbino - square federicourbino - piazza federico Piazza Federico





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