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tarento Famous for the tarentelle, its typical dance, Tarento was very damaged during the bombardments of the second world war. Many buildings of the old city still seem to keep the traces of the war.
Indeed most of the original center is to be rehabilitated. In spite of that, its topology is close to the Syracuse one in Sicily with an historical centre surrounded by the floods.

There remains the Aragonese castle which shelters today the military navy, of the palates and some ruins including two columns of a Greek Doric temple, necropolis and museum which recall us that the city is a very ancient, founded at the end of the VIIIth century BC by the Spartans who did there of the most important colonies of the Magna Grecia (Large Greece).
Nowadays, an important iron and steel center has been developed with the port.

Tarento old town

greek temple tarentoDoric greek temple

tarento - old towntarento - old towntarento - old town

tarento cathedralTarento cathedral

tarento phototarento in italytarento - old town


tarento - centretarente

Tarento port

tarento porttarento seatarento apulia

tarento tarento


Aragon castle of Tarento

tarento castletarento castletarento castle

tarentotarento italy


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