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romeCapital of Italy since the Italian unification about 150 years ago, Rome was especially the capital of an empire during about 1000 years.

Its architectural is unique, very varied and beautiful, with its important ancient vestiges such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, its monuments and places of the rebirth and modern ages, streets of the middle-ages as Trastevere district ... an immense museum in open air.

Few days are enough to cross aver its most touristics places, but it takes several weeks to have a right measurement of its richnesses.

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ostia anticaThe region of Rome doesn't miss of interest : Lazio places.
Westwards from Rome, there are nice lakes as Bolsano, Vico, Bracciano ones with tipical villages, etruscans necropolis of Cerveteri, Tarquinia.
The Colli Albani are on eastward of Rome, two littles lakes and villages in the hills as the Nemi lake.

Particularly interessing, Ostia antica : the port of ancient Rome.




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