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rapallo Rapallo is a coastal town with about 30.000 inhabitants about 30km eastward from Genoa.

The site was inhabited in the VIIIth BC century, as attests the discovery of an ancient tomb.
The identity of these people remains dubious, the theories being shared between Greeks and Etruscans.

From its history animated since the republic of Genoa until to Napoleon and the second world war, Rapallo inherited many monuments, castles and religious buildings.


Photographs of Rapallo

rapallo - castle Castle

rapallorapallorapallorapallo - cathedralrapallo - paintrapallorapallorapallorapallorapallorapallorapallorapallo Cathedral

rapallo -cathedralrapallorapallo

rapallo - photorapallorapallo - duomo

rapallo - pieve san stefanorapallo - centrerapallo Pieve San Stefano and center




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