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portovenere With the Cinque Terre and the close islands, Portovenere was registered at the inheritance of UNESCO in 1997.

The traces of settlement here go back to the VIth BC century, it is mentioned in the historical sources starting from IIth AC as Portus Veneris.

Its name would be issued of an old temple dedicated to the Venere goddess (Venus) which would have occupied the current place of Saint-Peter church.
Its rock coast, its castle, the church San Pietro, its sanctuaries and its tourist sea front make a town of charm.


Photographs of Portovenere

portovenere - castleportovenere - photoportovenereportovenereportovenere  - italyportovenereportovenere - liguriaportovenere See on the coast and the fortress

portovenereportovenere - goeland

portovenereportovenereportovenere - saint peter Saint Peter church

portovenere - san pietroportovenere

portovenere - old townportovenere - ruesportovenereportovenere - fortressportovenere
Streets of Portovenere

portovenereportovenereportovenere - marinaportovenereportovenereportovenereportovenere - portportovenere Marinaportovenereportovenere - fuelportovenere - agip Station





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