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otrantoOtranto was an important commercial port during antiquity and the Middle Ages. But in 1480 the Turks seized the city and massacre the 800 survivors who refused to convert them to Islam in exchange of the safe life.
The cathedral of the XIth century Norman origin contains their relics.


Photos of Otranto

otrantootrantootrante - italyotrante - apulia
The piazza Duomo, cathedral square


Otranto cathedral

duomo - otrantonorman cathedral in otrantootrantootranto - duomo Norman cathedral (XIth).

mosaics floor otranto cathedralotrantootrantootrantootranto cathedral mosaicotrantootranto Pavement floor of the XIIth.

otrantootrantootranto cryptotranto cathedral cryptotranto Crypt

otrantootranto relicsotranto - relics vaultotranto relics Vault with relics of the 800 martyrs who refused to convert to Islam in exchange of the life during the turkish conquest.



otrantootrantootrantootrantootrantootrantootranto old townotranto - photootrantootrantootrantootranto in apuliaotrantootrantootrantootranto in italy Streets, old town, seaside and gate


Aragonese castle

otrantootranto castle aragoneseotranto castle Aragonese castle (XVth)


Otranto cap

otranto cap photootrantootrantootranto in salentootrantootranto cap


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