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lecce - apuliaLecce is particularly marked by a exuberant Baroque style which recovers frontages and interior of its numerous religious monuments.
This embellishment dates from the XVIIth century when the city knew a great prosperity.

Its origins goes back to the ancient Roman time, it has preserved a theatre from this period.
Today, it is the main city of the salentine peninsula in the south of Apulia region.


Photos of Lecce

Roman theatre

roman theatre in leccelecce - ancient theatrelecce ancientlecce


Church Saint Irene

chiesa sant irene in leccelecceleccesainte irene church in leccelecce - churchesleccelecce - baroquelecceleccelecceleccelecce - baroque churchleccelecceleccelecceleccelecce - sainte ireneleccelecce


Santa Croce (XVIth - XVIIth)

leccesanta croce in leccelecce - santa crocelecce - baroque church santa croceleccelecceleccelecce - apulia It is Zingarello who finished the church in 1679.


Piazza del duomo square - Cathedral

leccelecce - palate episcopalleccelecce - piazza duomolecce - piazza duomo Piazza del duomo : Episcopal palate (XVIIth), cathedral (XVIIth) and a seminary (XVIIIth)


Lecce cathedral

lecce cathedrallecce - italylecce - duomoleccelecceleccelecce


Chiesa del Rosario (XVIIth)

lecce - chiesa del rosariochurch del rosario in lecceleccelecceleccelecce - baroquelecce - churcheslecce photodel rosario - lecceleccelecce


Chiesa di Santa Teresa (XVIIth)

santa teresa in leccelecce - chiesa santa teresaleccechurch santa teresa - leccelecce


Chiesa del Gesù

church del Gesł - leccechiesa del Gesù - leccegesù - leccelecce - saint ignace de Loyola Saint Ignace from Loyola.
Eglise jésuite.


Streets and Lecce squares

porta rudiae - lecce Porta Rudiae (XVIIIth)

lecce spanish castle Spanish castle

piazza sant'Oronzo - leccelecce - square  sant'Oronzolecce - piazza sant'Oronzoleccelecce - Sant'Oronzo Piazza Sant'Oronzo

leccelecceleccelecce - streetleccelecce - pouilleslecceleccelecce old townleccelecce centrelecce

lecce - greek churchlecce - old town centreleccelecceleccelecce - square



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