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genoaGenoa was in the Middle Ages a powerful republic maritime, competing with Pisa and Venice for the control of the trade in the Mediterranean, more particularly in the East. She played a big role at the time of the Christian crusades, providing ships and supply.

Its port kept an intense activity throughout its history.
The district of the port is a tangle of medieval streets, it remains some strengthened doors and among its monuments, let us note especially its splendid cathedral San Lorenzo.


Photos of Genoa, monuments

genoa - medieval gatesgenoagenoagenoa - gates Medieval gates

genoa - san loenzo cathedralgenoa - san lorenzogenoagenoagenoa - photogenoa
San Lorenzo cathedral

genoagenoagenoagenoa italygenoa liguriagenoa - san lorenzo squaregenoagenoagenoa - duomo san lorenzogenoa

genoa Chiostre

genoa - portgenoa - harbour districrgenoagenoa : port Le port genoa : harbourgenoagenoa in boat





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