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basilicataBasilicata formed a part of the ancient Large Greece (Magna Grecia), populated by coastal Greek colonies (among its, Sybaris), then of the Roman area of Brutium also gathering Calabria.
The Romans end up distinguishing Lucania (current Basilicata) from Calabria, the name coming from Lucanian people who invaded the area in the middle of Vth bC, pushing the indigenous people towards the interior mountains. Strabon reported that they adopted a democratic constitution, except during war times, when they chose a dictator among the magistrates. Conquered by Rome, then by Byzantines, then by Norman ones about the year 1000 with the family of Hauteville.
Its underdevelopment becomes obvious, because overexploited by the house of Anjou, the house of Aragon and by the Bourbons of Spain. Only the Bourbons of the two Sicily, which controled it from their capital, Naples, withdraw the area of the latifundi and the barons.
With the Piedmontese invasion of 1860, the area knows a massive deforestation which involves the erosion of the grounds and the massive departure of its inhabitants. It is also a ground of exile under the fascistic power.

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