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bari apuliaBari is an active city, capital of the region Apulia and shelters about 500.000 inhabitants.
Roman port during l' antiquity, in 1071 the Norman Robert Guiscard seized it. She consequently played a big role during the crusades : caring and supply.

Its basilica Saint Nicolas started in the XIth century shelters the relics of the saint, it is one of the first examples of Norman architecture in the region.
The Romanesque cathedral dates from the XIIth approximately.

Bari has preserved a very sympathetic medieval district with white little streets, near to the port, the Borgo antico.

Photos of Bari

Borgo antico

bari - apuliabari - italybaribari - centrebari

bari borgobaribaribari - borgo anticobaribaribaribaribaribari

Basilica San Nicolas

bari - basilica san nicolasbasilica san nicola - baribari
Norman basilica began in 1087 with the Saint-Nicolas relics.

baribarisaint nicolas in bari Saint-Nicolas

tomb saint nicolascrypt basilica saint nicolasbasilica saint nicolas Crypt with Saint-Nicolas tomb

saint nicolas baribaribasilica san nicolabaldaquin - saint nicolas



Bari cathedralbaribari - duomobari cathedralbari - duomo inside
The Bari cathedral (XIIth)

baribaribaribaribaribaribaribaribaribaricathedral baribari
baribariphotos  bari bari italy

Castle normano-swabe

castle of baribaribaribari castle




bari antica - roman templeroman temple in bari Temple romain


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