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abruzzoBear and chamois, walls of rock and forests, landscapes of hills and splendid sand beaches. Between the high tops of Gran-Sasso, Majella and Velino and the gilded line of the coast, the nature of the Abruzzo is very varied and appreciable all the year.

Thanks to the national parks of Gran Sasso and others, with its great reserves, the nature of the Abruzzo is ideally safeguarded today, and can be easily visited.
The region is in its 2/3 covered by mountains. The remainder of the ground is composed of hills inclined toward a narrow plain for the most part along the Adriatic littoral, on 129 kilometers.
The mountains form a part of Apennins, the highest points are the Gran Sasso (2914 m) and the solid mass of Maiella (2795 m).
The main rivers are Aterno-Pescara, Sangro and Tronto. A third of the area is a national or regional natural reserve. This region is rich in beauty and history, but only starts to be discovered by tourism of mass. The richness of Abruzzo, the castles and the medieval cities, particularly close to the city of Aquila was worth the nickname "Abruzzoshire”.

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